Hello 👋 i'm Andrew

I'm a web developer that likes to make fun & creative experiences.


A couple of the projects i've worked on recently.
Please get in touch if you'd like further examples or an explanation of the projects.


A site i built and designed for a non-profit events company. With a custom built mix player. This was built mobile first.

Next.js, TypeScript, GSAP, TailwindCSS, Audio APIs, AWS s3

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This is one of my favourite projects i've built and designed. A lego minifigure builder with an admin UI for managing inventory for different events. Users could build their own minifigure, order it, see a build tracker, and get a dynamic sticker generated for them based on their order when they picked up their order at events our company attended. Utilising plenty of lego microanimations and Star Wars quotes for a bit of fun. Also was built optimized for mobile first, utilising loading techniques to keep it light on conference wifi & work across low spec devices.

Next.js, TypeScript, GSAP, TailwindCSS, DynamoDB

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The main company website for SquaredUp, i've lead most of this project from Umbraco to WordPress to Headless WordPress. Most of the motion on the site was built by me, some of the scroll based animations have been removed over time. You can find a couple preserved version in the fun things section. This was built for desktop first.

Next.js, TypeScript, WordPress, GSAP, Gutenberg, SCSS

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The secondary company website for SquaredUp. Another site with plenty of motion and microinteractions. Including a custom build pricing calculator and checkout system utilising Stripe. Along with squaredup.com i architected the project, which has grown substantially with multiple templates and hundreds of pages of content, whilst pre-building all pages and still maintaing a build time of under 5 minutes.

Next.js, TypeScript, WordPress, GSAP, Stripe, Gutenberg, SCSS

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Fun stuff

Just a sample of things i've built for fun

SVG Rocket Animation

A couple of looping animations i built ontop of illustrations created by a colleague.


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Three.js Galaxy

Built using the ThreeJS Journey course. This was a lot of fun to build, and i'm still learning how to use ThreeJS.


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CSS Metaballs

A random thing i built ages ago when playing with metaballs using css filters


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I'm a developer based in London. With over 5 years of experience, over my career I've had a chance to work on a spectrum of web development.
I love working on frontend experiences, but enjoy working across the full stack. I have a passion for learning new things and keeping up to date with the latest technologies.


Please feel free to get in touch via email if you want a chat 😊